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The first Social Sports interactive Conference for the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation
We helped organize and hold the first conference on social sports and created a social projects database and a platform for sharing experiences.
The social sport program 'The Power of Sports' is a novelty in the portfolio of the Vladimir Potanin Charitable Foundation, which is one of the first and largest private foundations in Russia. A key element here is a conference on social sports.

The problem is that there is no platform in Russia where representatives of NPOs, universities, sports schools, and other organizations can communicate and share experiences. People have no idea how many people share the same ideas and how they can help each other.
The foundation organized a conference 'Sport and Society. An Open Conversation' to solve this issue. We helped to hold it online and launched the platform.
The conference gathers people engaged in social sports in Russia for the first time. We had three tasks to attract more people and create a platform for future communication.
To involve participants in the conference
As the event is new and the subject is complex, it is crucial to keep participants' attention as long as possible and engage them in an active format. Passive listening was not suitable.
Organize private rooms with speakers
One of the formulas of the conference is a dialogue with the speaker. It was necessary to create this opportunity on the platform and motivate participants to use it.
Create a project exhibition
The portal was intended to be used as an aggregator of social sports projects so that colleagues could see each other’s experiences and find valuable connections. It was necessary to present all these projects.
To maintain engagement we focused on the design of broadcasts, active participation, and interactivity. The portal was made simple, clean, and intuitive to avoid overwhelming people’s attention.
The main discovery of this project is a dynamic iframe, which allows us to literally communicate with the participants. Now, first things first.
The Digital Twin conference platform
The digital TWIN is our standard product for online events. Basically, it is a module constructor: the logic of interaction with the participant, a set of sections and days, and the structure of pages. The platform framework is assembled from these building blocks. To crown it all we add design, interactivity, and custom modules.

For the 'Sport and Society' conference, we made the shortest user journey from the entrance to the broadcasts. The navigation has been moved to the main screen and duplicated in the header for people used to interacting with websites this way.
Interactivity with participants during the broadcasting
Usually, online conferences are barely listened to due to the cleaning, children, or work being done in parallel. This happens because of a passive format. Therefore, organizers lose the audience, and the participants lose their advantage.

Interactive formats were used for the 'Sport and Society' conference: reactions, voting, a game to influence a broadcaster’s presentation. All of this is right in the live stream player and in an additional frame.
This motivates the participant to follow the conference closely and actively participate in it.
Private rooms for communication with speakers
The easiest way to engage the audience is to let them actually participate in the conference and not just stay its passive bystanders. This way, people feel their importance, enter into discussions, and build social connections.
This is especially true when the goal is to create a community, as was the case at the 'Sport and Society' conference.

As a result, over a quarter of all live streams viewers went to the private rooms to chat with speakers informally and ask questions.
The conference 'Sport and Society. Open Dialogue' exceeded the KPI targets by 6 times in the number of participants and by 7 times in the exhibition projects: 10−15 were expected, 78 were placed on the platform. Some of the projects were filtered out or received after the selection deadline. Therefore, even more applications were submitted.
600 people

watched at least one broadcast
482 people

visited the project exhibition
40 people

were gathered at the same time in a private room

conversion rate from website visit to registration

of participants noted that they would share new knowledge with colleagues

of the broadcast participants, om reached the private rooms in Zoom
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