Increased the Number of Active Top Managers in Training by 5 times. Sberbank University Case
Improve the user experience of interacting with the learning environment and develop a legitimate rating system.

Research the pains and needs of the target audience and develop a new visualization of the training and motivation center in the Sber Online Environment.
Sberbank Corporate University trains Sberbank Group managers and heads of partner organizations. There are more than 32,000 people and 280 programs to evolve corporate competencies.

In this project, we worked with the program on the development of leadership competencies and solid skills for managers of Sberbank’s retail unit. Its employees work with regular clients: they help make transfers, pay for services, get loans, make deposits, improve living conditions, exchange currency, execute operations with precious metals.
Update the training system for Sberbank’s retail unit, improve the user experience of interacting with the learning environment, and establish a legitimate rating system. With the introduction of quarantine measures in the spring of 2020, the task of transferring the entire program online has been added.

We wanted the heads of the retail unit to consciously approach self-development, understand the importance of leadership competencies and feel like a mini-CEO inside Sberbank.
Lack of understanding of the whole training program, its goals and benefits
Low engagement
Sabotaged and non-transparent rating system
Complex learning environment
Main challenges
We researched the pains and needs of the target audience and compiled its persona model and Learning Journey Map. To resolve some of the pain points right away, we launched MVP programs and simultaneously developed a new visual design of training and a motivation center in the Online Environment of Sberbank.
Now about each stage in the details.
Target audience research
The study identified three main types of barriers.
 — Semantic: related to the goals of the program and the formation of the rating
 — Engagement: loose format and inconvenient time of events
 — Process: lack of motivation to be a leader in the program
All this was considered in the technical solution.
MVP of the technical solution
As the program for the retail leaders' block was already underway, we structured the program and built a website during the development of the primary technical solution. It shows the whole training track, the program of each module and has an option for registration for events.
Guide for the modules
Schedule and speakers
Rating system page
Page with goals, results, and a Competency map for each Stream
'Leader Club' Digital Environment
We have shifted the retail unit training towards a new gamified environment. This interactive dashboard reflects all the user’s indicators, a learning navigator, game modules to increase motivation and engagement, and event registration in two clicks.
Motivation Management Center
Interactive Learning Map
A game world with Sberbank's integrated values
Modules of rating and awards, team course completion
Transparent rating system
Our methodologists have fully upgraded the rating system. We have implemented a cross-cutting league system to track personal progress and general competitive mechanics. We explained in detail what you can get points for and added rewards for getting into the top leagues.
League system — personal progress
Bonuses for teamwork
Transparent rules for getting points
Competitive personal and team ranking
The new format and digital transition build a community of active users in the program. The target audience has become more involved: at the start of the program — 20 active participants, after introducing the motivation management center and the transition to online — about 100. This is more than half of all program participants.

The dashboard allows working with the product’s value: people understand what they will receive during a particular training event and what skills they will acquire throughout the program. They can track their progress and place in the ranking.

Nadezhda Fomina
Sberbank University
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